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The mother ritual

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My absolute favorite best skin product ever! It's literally a spa in

a jar. Y'all do not sleep on this product! It's amazing. Will be

buying the Extra Strength one soon! The smell is amazing.

Definitely a mood booster and Great for dry patches on skin!

Gives my skin a beautiful glow! Y'all support this Queen and her

amazing creation!


(Signature Ritual)


-Kenniece AKA “NoonyCat. Boodha Noony is the name that Eco Simple Living LLC, a Baton Rouge Lifestyle Firm, DBA (does- business-as) for its wellness products, preferably its popular organic skincare line. Boodha Noony, the business, was created 3 years ago. However, its special oil blend recipes have been experimented and perfected for over 6 years. Initially, it was named Eco Simple Treats. However, after revamping and reconnecting to the brand, the name Boodha Noony was created and brought the life that owner, Kenniece was looking to embody.

Mission Statement

Boodha Noony is a wellness company devoted to creating specialized-organic products that promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing

Vision Statement

Boodha Noony’s long-term goal is to be one of the leading, premier, plant-based skincare lines that aid in healing and becomes the daily, medicinal preference for a variety of ailments in households everywhere.

I love mine and it goes a long way! I've actually replaced my

lip balm with the extra strength ritual no more chapped lips.

I've also quit wearing makeup


(Extra Strength ritual)

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