About Us

Boodha Noony is the DBA that Eco Simple Living LLC, a Baton Rouge Lifestyle Firm, DBA (does- business-as) uses for its wellness products, preferably its popular organic skincare line.   Boodha Noony, the business, was created in 2015, 8 years ago.  However, its special oil blends were experimented and perfected 2 years prior.   Initially, it was named Eco Simple Treats. However, after revamping and reconnecting to the brand, the name Boodha Noony was created and brought the life that creator, Kenniece was looking to embody.    

“Noony is part of the nickname my mom gave me as a child.  My full nickname is NoonyCat.  And at the time that the line was named Eco Simple Treats, my family had its own special name- Dat Noony Butter.  So as my sister and I began to play with different names, Noony butter was where we began.   The brainstorm led to names like “Budda from Noony”, Butter Noony, Budda Noony and then Buddha Noony.   I did not want the practice of Buddha spelling. So after some research, I found the archaic spelling of Buddha, which was Boodha.  I love the historical context of words and because that was the historical spelling I figured I had enough spiritual connectivity to create a new, revolutionary essence of its name.  Thereby Boodha Noony was born.” 


Boodha Noony is a wellness company devoted to creating specialized-organic products that promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing

Vision Statement

Boodha Noony’s long-term goal is to be one of the leading, premier, plant-based skincare lines that aid in healing and becomes the daily, medicinal preference for a variety of ailments in  households everywhere.